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There are several ways to find the best software fitting to your needs. You can use our text search or search in the categories to find an existing software or you can order an individual solution.

As a developer, you have several possibilities to introduce or promote your software products or to develop individual software for our customers. Learn more about that in the developer portal.

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We want to offer in lots of languages to you. In a first step, we want to translate this page to the most common languages on the Internet. These are the languages in the list under this text.

If you are a native speaker of one of these languages, you can help to translate our portal. For further information or if you want to help us in any way, you should have a look at our language portal or you can simply write a mail to us.


We care about your needs

You are searching for a software product. Let it be a simple tool or an advanced application. You can search our database for your software with the text search or in the categories and if there is not yet a product that fits to your needs, we can bring a developer to you. This developer can make an individual software solution - exactly the software, you want to have.

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Developers are welcome

There are two things that make this website interesting for developers: On the one hand, you are welcome to submit your software products, so that your software can be found and promoted on our page. On the other hand, we are searching for developers for individual software solutions for our customers. That means: You can get orders from us.

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